Final Notice
As of Monday May 25th, 2009 the Switchpod service has gone off-line. We have spent the past month migrating over existing paid users to the Libsyn service. We sent out serveral e-mails to all the paid users and we feel confident that they have all been migrated over. If you never recieved an e-mail please E-mail US. If you came here looking to sign-up for a podcast hosting service please check out

Switchpod Admin

You've created your show. Now let the world have it.

Liberated Syndication is a premiere media distribution service built from the ground up with DIY content creators in mind. Libsyn is the first full featured provider tailored specifically for all-media self-publishing and Podcasting with pricing models that make sense for this new generation of content creators.

We offer different levels of podcast syndication service for individual podcasters. If you are a commercial enterprise, educational institute, or in need of professional services, please visit

Each service level contains the full set of Libsyn features. Not sure how much Libsyn you need? Our signup form has a handy media storage calculator to help you figure it out.